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The Oasis


We provide an oasis in the desert of recovery from traumatic relationships. Find rest from your sources of pain, anxiety, despair, and stress. Connect with God in peaceful, beautiful surroundings to gain
clarity, validation, closure, or healing.

Enjoy the comfort and tranquility of our studio apartment with a private bedroom/bathroom, living area, and patio. Nestled in the majestic beauty of the Shenandoah Valley mountains, here you can enjoy relaxing by the water, hiking, earthing, and much more.
Nearby access to tourist attractions, eateries, and shops also complements your stay.
Services Available:
Life Coaching by a Trauma-Informed Victim Advocate
Abuse Recovery Coaching by a Trauma-Informed Victim Advocate
Traumatic Relationship Recovery Materials

Stay: 2-5 days

Cost: We never want anyone to be deterred from this life-changing opportunity because of cost. Women who need this retreat are invited to share an amount of their
choosing but are not charged.*

Schedule your free consultation and let’s discuss how your Oasis retreat can best be supported.

Let's briefly discuss how you can best be served during your time at The Oasis.

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Retreat Attendee C
Your retreat space is very peaceful, especially looking out the window towards your patio into the woods.  The nature walks with the mountain views are icing on the cake!  This is a very nice getaway for moms, wives, AND young single women.
Retreat Attendee F
I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and it was lovely to tour the beautiful nature on your property and the surrounding community. The food was delicious, and the conversation was stimulating.
Retreat Attendee K
This is just what I needed. Sitting outside surrounded by the trees and mountains really helped me to slow down and hear God. The resources provided helped me so much on my journey. I am leaving with a renewed energy, focus, and hope.
I must say that what I enjoyed most about my experience at Exalted Valley was that I experienced God in nature in a way I never experienced before. Every morning I got up and sat outside. My scenery was a garden, lush trees, and the mountains. But it was the quiet in nature that I loved the most.

In the quiet I talked to God. I had an opportunity to reflect on so many things. I made the decision that I was going to be intentional in my first step to healing. I needed the quiet to hear God's voice and his direction clearly.

Tears of pain and sadness were shed as I was able to reflect on areas of my life where I fell short. It was hard and it was painful! But it was in nature - this quiet, tranquil place - God told me to stop crying. Trust ME. DEPEND on ME. LOOK to me because I still have a purpose for your life and you WILL HEAL.


*If you would like to help sponsor the stay for a woman who would benefit from this opportunity, please click the button below.
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