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Abuse Recovery Coaching Program

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This package includes six 50 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Each session is tailored to address the needs of most concern to you to assist you in moving from survivor to thriver. You will hear from Naeemah shortly to schedule your first session. To appear to have a great intimate partner relationship, but in reality, suffer covert abuse, including coercive control, is an incredibly lonely world, void of empathy and effective help. Especially after narcissistic abuse, it can be so challenging to walk the journey of abuse recovery - for yourself and for your children. Know that you are not alone and there is hope. Truly, you need someone who has experienced the darkness and bondage of such an experience to help you navigate the path from survivor to thriver. As an Abuse Recovery Coach, specializing in Emotional Abuse and Narcissistic Abuse, Certified Christian Life Coach, and Certified Trauma-Informed Victim Advocate, Naeemah can help you do just that. She will help you map out a plan for wholeness, in which you know the truth about God, yourself, and your situation, grow as you apply that truth, and are then empowered to go and share that truth.

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