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40 Days of Healing Daily Affirmations Excerpted from "Healing Is A Choice" by Steve Arterburn

At the end of Steven Arterburn's excellent book, Healing is a Choice, is a 40 Day Daily Affirmation Challenge. Spending just a few moments at the beginning of the day setting the mind on these encouraging truths can make a tremendous difference for the entire day. Commit to filling your mind and spirit each day with these affirmations and your healing journey will be blessed.

Opening Prayer: Lord, I am broken and hurting due to the brokenness of others and mistakes of my own. Please use Your powers to heal me and give me courage to make the choices I need to make to allow Your healing in my life. Forgive me for standing in Your way of healing for me. Thank You for allowing my past to end one second ago, and my future to begin right now in this moment with you. Affirmations:

  1. * Today I choose to heal.

  2. * My healing begins right now, in this moment.

  3. * I am no longer bound by my sick past.

  4. * There is healing in my future.

  5. * For the next twenty-four hours, I choose to live free and heal.

  6. * I choose to let go of past hurts that I cannot undo.

  7. * I choose to forgive myself for wrong choices in the past.

  8. * Today I will dwell on what is good and right, not on the darkness I have experienced or the darkness others invite me to live.

  9. * Today I will live beyond myself and live for God.

  10. * On this day I will choose to feel my life rather than live in denial.

  11. * I will not medicate away my pain, sorrow, or anxiety.

  12. * I will allow each negative feeling to lead me to greater depths of healing.

  13. * I will not drown out or ignore my negative emotions.

  14. * I will work through these feelings and move out of them.

  15. * I will not project them onto those around me.

  16. * When I am unaware of what choice to make next, I will choose to do the next right thing.

  17. * Today I will not hide or run away.

  18. * I will connect with those who love me and with those who need my love.

  19. * Throughout this day I will stay connected to God and ask Him to guide me and lead me.

  20. * Today will be an adventure for me.

  21. * I will take a risk and enjoy the unpredictable.

  22. * I will not be governed by my fears.

  23. * I will choose to do something uncomfortable that might lead me to know the truth about myself or live life to the fullest.

  24. * I will not lie to myself today.

  25. * I will seek the truth and will ask for help when I need it.

  26. * Today I will reestablish some boundaries that will protect me from unhealthy people and unhealthy situations.

  27. * I will tear down some walls that are keeping some wonderful people from knowing me and loving me.

  28. * If there is some ungrieved loss, I will grieve it as much as I can today, and then put it away.

  29. * Today I will choose reality and embrace it.

  30. * I will accept my life and pick up my life right where it is.

  31. * I refuse to wallow in self-pity.

  32. * I will not focus on what I do not have or what might have been.

  33. * On this day I will not give up.

  34. * No matter how difficult the struggle, I choose to persevere.

  35. * I will not let any excuse be strong enough to derail my path to healing.

  36. * I will never give up or give in to an old life that did not serve me well.

  37. * I will allow no one to discourage me.

  38. * Today I will heal and rely on God to deliver me through the choices I make.

  39. * Today I will allow God to control my life, and each choice I make, I will make with God in mind and love in my heart.

  40. * On this day, I choose healing.

  41. * I will do what I can do to heal and accept the limitations God has placed before me.

  42. * I will see every limitation I encounter as an invitation by God to do for me what I cannot do for myself.

  43. * I will accept that healing is sometimes slow and delayed and will grow in character in the meantime.

  44. * Today I will step outside of myself and serve others.

  45. * I will find a need and fill it.

  46. * I will find the hurt of another and help heal it.

  47. * I will not become self-absorbed or filled with self-obsession.

  48. * I will reach out to someone in need and do what I can to meet that need.

  49. * Today I will ask for God’s help to live out His purpose.

  50. * Today I will live for God and not myself.

  51. * Today I choose to live.

  52. * Today I choose to love.

  53. * Today I choose to heal.

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