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Hope and Healing is Available to You

I may not know you, but I want to tell you that I'm sorry you have experienced the hurt you have experienced. It is not God's design that His fearfully and wonderfully made creations are mistreated and abused. I want you to know that although you may feel overwhelmed by your suffering, pain, and despair, there is hope. God is close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18) and He is not only willing to heal your broken pieces, but He is able. I am a witness to that fact.

And heal you must because the world needs you. The world needs the full, whole you; the you unhindered by the shackles of pain caused by abusive behavior. I encourage you to accept God's help and let Him rescue you from the enemy's plans of disruption and destruction. Your burden of grief and distress is so heavy right now because the enemy knows that the full you is a tremendous threat to his kingdom of darkness.

It may be a little hard to hear this right now, but although you may not be responsible for the fact that you were wounded by the traumatizing careless or intentional actions of others, you are responsible for your healing. Remember though, that you are not alone. Not only will the Lord help you, but He has provided a community to help you, as well.

On my own journey, I had to consider the factors that made me vulnerable to tolerating the intimate partner terrorism in my own marriage of nearly 20 years. So helpful to me were identifying and healing from the impact of the emotional abuse from my aunt and the effects of my dad's absence during my childhood. This process was facilitated by resources that provided so much light for my path.

God is our Healer and extensions of His healing power can be found through a community of individuals committed to helping others overcome the dark strategies of the enemy. A few of their books I have personally found helpful are:

Hope When you know something is wrong in your marriage, but you can't quite put

your finger on it, this book will help you have clarity. This book is also helpful for

those who have not lost their voice and understand that they have not been heard

because they have been objectified. The author helps the reader know how to move

forward in response to surviving an emotionally destructive marriage.

clothing is the man who claims to love and follow Jesus Christ, but actually hates

women through their words and actions. This is a call to sobriety for those who need

to better understand the duality

that exists in such men.

betrayal is traumatizing. Learn how you can heal after such a devastating and

monumental breach of trust. This book is validating, informative, practical, and


years, and decades of being exposed to ongoing intimate partner terrorism, also

known as narcissistic abuse, can leave the survivor grappling with crippling

repercussions including complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).

individuals above institutions. He does not call us to advance evil by unnecessarily

suffering at the dysfunction of another. Divorce is a biblical response to vow-killing

abusive behavior.

Make no mistake about it, a child witnessing their dad hurting their mom, in any way,

is an Adverse Childhood Event (A.C.E). This book will help you as you provide support

to your children. A wise counselor once said, "Even if your dad never changes, you

need to be ok." Let's help our children be ok so they can fulfill their calling and

experience abundant life, too.

Prevent You from Making Them One of the most powerful books that will help you

on your healing journey. God has the power to heal us physically, mentally,

emotionally, spiritually, but the choice to be healed is ours. This is one of the most

powerful books to assist you on your healing journey.

Restoring the Wounded Woman God is close to the brokenhearted and binds up all

their wounds (Psalm 34:18). He uses this book to help facilitate His work in turning

brokenness into triumph.

to help you move from surviving to thriving.

Your Voice Matters. Your Story Matters, You Matter.

Your valley will be exalted, and your triumph will bring glory to God.

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