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It Could Be Worse

It could be worse.

That's a statement victims of abuse sometimes say to themselves and it is also what well-meaning individuals sometimes say to victims.

This consideration, however, keeps so many individuals in bondage to toxic relationships.

Yes, it's true: just because a situation "could be worse" does not mean it isn't bad and doesn't need attention.

Please ask yourself some questions if you are in a bad situation that could "be worse":

  1. Is the way I am being treated align with God's word about how husbands should love and honor their wives?

2. Am I understanding that unconditional love does not equal unconditional


3. Is the behavior being modeled how I want my sons to learn to treat their wives and

likewise how I want my daughters to learn to be treated?

4. Am I praying and fasting for change expecting God to go against His character to

change a person against their will?

5. Have I considered that enduring abusive behavior is not God's will for my life in that

it advances the cause of evil rather than good?

6. Have I considered how suffering through this behavior is a major way the enemy is

working to steal, kill, and destroy my ability to fulfill my God-ordained purpose on

this earth?

7. Have I considered that God cares about me as an individual above His care about


Please prayerfully consider the answers to these questions and seek help to deal with the truth about your relationship/manipulationship.

You deserve to be treated as the precious, fearfully and wonderfully made creation of God that you are.

Lord God, my sister is doing her best to honor You and her vows as she endures the struggles of her relationship. Lord, please give her clarity, strength, and the resources to make the changes that need to be made so she can experience the abundant life You have for her and to complete the special assignments You created her to fulfill. Amen.

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