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The Blessing of Forgiving and Remembering

"Forgive and forget," they say.

The premise is that if you forgive and forget, you are in a healthier place; you are less likely to be bitter. If you forgive and forget, you will not have excess baggage weighing you down as you go through life.

These are important considerations, for sure. I submit, however, that these can be achieved by forgiving alone.

An even stronger position is to forgive and remember.

Forgive and remember the lessons you learned. Wisdom is in the lessons.

Forgive and remember how God healed your broken heart that you thought would never heal.

Forgive and remember how, with God's help, you broke what threatened to break you.

Forgive and remember so you can be equipped to use what you learned to comfort others. 2 Cor 1:4

Forgive and remember how God used for good what was meant for evil, for the saving of many souls. Gen 5:20 When you forgive and remember, you are in a position to live out Titus 2, redeeming your pain as you share your wisdom with those who are younger and possibly naive and less mature.

Forgive and Remember.

Lord, I lift up to you my sister who has suffered an injustice or a betrayal or some other kind of wound. Please help her to surrender her hurts to You. Heal her heart and mind and spirit. Help her to forgive and remember all the ways that you are a wonderful God. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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