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The Lord Is MyMechanic

Often, when a woman, a mother, is faced with the possibility of divorce, there rises up great concern about how she will survive on her own. With an understanding that many personal considerations are involved in individual situations, I want to remind you that no amount of "financial security" is worth you and your children being destroyed by living with an abusive spouse or parent.

Please remember that God cares more about saving individuals than institutions. He will help you on your journey to fulfill His will that you and your children not be hindered by the evil that is domestic violence. 

He knows your need and He knows the areas of life upon which you depended on your ex-husband. Never lose sight of the fact that it was the Lord serving you through your ex-husband. God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. (Psalm 46:5)

I pray that my testimony that follows encourages you.

The Lord Is My Mechanic

A few years ago, I'd gotten into my vehicle after completing my morning walk and prepared to head home. Out of nowhere, an elderly gentleman emerged from behind and approached my window. I'd never seen him before. He told me, "You need air in your tire." I thanked him and drove off.

At home, I checked, and all four tires looked the same - perfectly inflated. What was that man talking about, I wondered? I called the one person who has wisdom for every situation - my mom. She said use the gauge and check the tire pressure. I did and one tire had a lower reading. She said there was possibly a nail in the tire. 

There was indeed a nail. Praise the Lord that it only required patching and not a replacement of all four tires, which I was told was a possibility, if the nail had been lodged anywhere else. 

Most incredibly, and the cause for biggest praise, was the timing of this repair. I believe because the Lord knew I was going to be driving 10+ hours to take my daughter to school the very next week, He sent an angel in the form of a little old man to warn me about an invisible threat! 

The Lord is good and greatly to be praised! He cares about EVERY area of our lives and He has ways to help us that we cannot even fathom. 

Thank you, Lord!

How has the Lord shown Himself to be a very present help in your time of need? I'd love to hear about it.

Lord, please help my sister who is concerned about how her needs will be met and how she will care for her children in the midst of divorce. Reassure that it is not your will for her or her children to be destroyed by any relationship. Reassure her of your promises and give her peace that passes understanding so she has clarity to hear your voice and discern your solutions. In Jesus's name. Amen.

Remember, You Matter. Your Voice Matters. Your Story Matters. Your valley will be exalted and your triumph will bring glory to God!

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